Happy Moo Rose & Vanilla Scented Tallow Candles


Happy Moo Rose & Vanilla Scented Tallow Candles


Once upon a time, in a world before the electric light bulb, the gentle flicker of tallow candles illuminated homes, casting a warm and inviting glow across rooms. For centuries, these candles played a pivotal role in human history, providing not only light but also a sense of connection and comfort.

Get back to nature with a 100% organic tallow candle that will light your room and give you a scent of yesteryear

Candles weigh between 170 – 205 grams

Burn time approximately 24 – 30 hours

This is a 100% natural product

If you would like to purchase more than 1 different item from my range of skin care/Tallow products please email

At present i can not find a way to combine postage for different products but i can send you an invoice that you can pay online via Square 🙂


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