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Happy Moo Organic Grass Fed Tallow Balm.


From the beautiful NSW South Coast


This organic face moisturizer is the purest and most natural skincare product ever. It is a nutrient rich whipped tallow face cream that delivers the ultimate hydrating, soothing, and anti aging benefits.


Grass fed tallow is incredible for skin, because it is so biocompatible with our skin cells. You can tell the moment you put some on your skin – it seems to instantly recognize it drink it right in!


100% grass fed tallow is wonderful as a face cream, because of the rich and wide variety of skin friendly nutrients it contains.


Here are some of the beneficial nutrients in grass fed tallow:


Vitamins A, B12, D, E, and K are extremely nourishing for skin. This particular combination of beneficial vitamins is only found together in animal products.


Alpha linoleic and linoleic acids in almost a perfect ratio of 1:1. These are also known as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and they maintain the structure and barrier function of skin. They are also helpful for anti inflammatory and immune responses in skin, including eczema and rosacea.


Stearic acid and oleic acid are fatty acids that are found in the outer layer of our skin, and in our sebum. They are softening, moisturizer, regenerative, and anti inflammatory.


Stearic acid helps to repair skin,  improve the flexibility of skin, improves skin’s barrier function. Oleic acid helps the various beneficial nutrients penetrate deeply into skin.


Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA has powerful anti inflammatory properties, and is also antimicrobial.


Palmitoleic acid is a very active antimicrobial in our skin. It is also one of the basic building blocks of our skin, but it decreases as we age.


Palmitic acid helps improve the smoothness of skin, and helps with skin’s barrier function, and decreases as we age.


Is tallow good for your face?


It sure is! Let’s look at some of the things 100% grass fed tallow does that are beneficial for the skin on our face:


Tallow is a very healthy fat. It contains a wide array of all the beneficial nutrients that our skin needs to repair itself. It is the best moisturizer to use if you want healthy skin.


Many of the nutrients in grass fed tallow help to promote youthful skin by providing substances that our skin naturally loses as we age.


Tallow is extremely compatible with the oil that our skin naturally produces. It actually shares a similar biology. That’s one of the reasons why our skin is able to use tallow so effectively.


Compared to plant based oils, tallow provides skin with very intense moisture.


You will recognize this immediately when you put it on your skin. There is nothing better than tallow for soothing and hydrating dry skin.


Tallow is not only great for repairing skin, but it also helps to prevent damage to skin. All of those skin friendly antioxidants and other nutrients keep skin healthy and strong.

The natural antimicrobial properties in tallow help to prevent acne and breakouts. Tallow also contains powerful anti inflammatory properties.


As this product is 100% organic it may contain an organic tallow smell.


This is a carefully home made product that has not been contaminated.


The product has been tested on sensitive skin, namely mine with no adverse reaction.



This time of year, the Summer weather in Australia can be really hard on skin, and lips often suffer the worst.

Nothing moisturizes skin better than tallow, and that’s the main ingredient in this lip balm.

Tallow is incredible for deeply hydrating skin

This Lip Balm is 100% organic and home made so you know you can trust the products put in to make it



Organic grass fed beef tallow

Organic pure Bee’s wax

Organic Honey direct from the bee keeper

Organic Lemon oil

20gm net weight


This is a hard tallow balm

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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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