Happy Moo Organic Lemon Fresh Tallow Soap


Happy Moo Organic Lemon Fresh Tallow Soap


Beef tallow, especially when it comes from 100% grass fed beef, is rich in so many beneficial nutrients. It provides skin exactly what it needs to repair itself.

Here are some of the benefits of 100% grass fed tallow:

  • Is deeply nourishing and moisturizing
  • Contains Vitamins A, D, K, & E, & B12, all of which are extremely beneficial for skin
  • Also helps to prevent skin’s loss of moisture
  • Contains conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) with natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Has all of these nutrients that are found together only in animal products
  • Contains oleic acid (omega 9) aids other components in penetrating deeply into skin
  • Is antibacterial & antimicrobial
  • Contains palmitic acid which helps improve the protective barrier function of skin
  • Is rich in minerals
  • Contains stearic acid which helps to repair damaged skin, and improves skin’s flexibility and suppleness
  • Aids in skin regeneration for skin that appears healthier and more youthful
  • Contains palmitoleic acid (omega 7) which is one of our skin’s basic building blocks

These Lemon fresh tallow soap bars are free from the garbage thats in commercial soaps.


100% Organic Grass fed beef tallow


Organic Coconut Oil

99.9% pure Castor oil

Organic Olive oil

Purified water

Essential oils

Natural Mica Powder

Lots of love!

These soaps have cured for 4 weeks before cutting and sale to the public

Weight Between 70 and 100 grams. Not 2 bars are the same

This is an organic product

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