Happy Moo Baby Balm


Happy Moo Baby Balm

Happy Moo baby Balm


When it comes to our babies we only want the best.

You can’t beat tallow balm for purity, gentleness and skin soothing properties. It works great for newborn skin creases and general moisturising. It may also aid in stopping itches babies may develop

Happy Moo baby balm is organic with a mix of low dose chamomile essential oils and olive oil so it does carry an organic beefy smell in the tin. I wanted to keep it as pure as possible.

Chamomile essential oils is one of the best oils to use for baby massages, in addition it has anti inflammatory properties and there has been strong anecdotal evidence shows that it can help babies who have difficulty sleeping. 

Grass fed beef tallow is amazing

  • Is deeply nourishing and moisturising
  • Contains Vitamins A, D, K, & E, & B12, all of which are extremely beneficial for skin
  • Also helps to prevent skin’s loss of moisture
  • Contains conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) with natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Has all of these nutrients that are found together only in animal products
  • Contains oleic acid (omega 9) aids other components in penetrating deeply into skin
  • Is antibacterial & antimicrobial
  • Contains palmitic acid which helps improve the protective barrier function of skin
  • Is rich in minerals
  • Contains stearic acid which helps to repair damaged skin, and improves skin’s flexibility and suppleness
  • Aids in skin regeneration for skin that appears healthier and more youthful
  • Contains palmitoleic acid (omega 7) which is one of our skin’s basic building blocks

This is a 100% natural product

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