Happy Moo Grass Fed Beef Tallow Peppermint Shampoo Bars – Chemical Free


Happy Moo Grass Fed Beef Tallow Hair Shampoo Bars – Chemical Free


WOW am I happy with these!


What makes them so amazing?


A shampoo bar is a great way to wash hair. It is a mild soap.

They wash away oil and dirt, leaving your hair completely clean, soft, and manageable.

They leave behind just the right amount of conditioning, so your hair doesn’t get dried out. They are a very gentle and a completely natural hair washing solution.

Anyone who is ready to ditch toxic, commercial shampoos (but still wants fabulous hair!) will love these shampoo bars.

Grass fed tallow is another great fat for hair. It is gently cleansing and deeply moisturising

If you are new to shampoo bars you will be amazed, these bars really clean your hair, you can feel it after the first wash.

Please lather before use, when you are ready to use the bars run it under the water like you would soap and start to get it to lather, you can apply using the lather in your hands or use the bar direct on top of your hair. I have long fine hair so I lather in my hands then use that to shampoo, my husband, however, the bar goes straight on to his head!


These bars have been cured over a 4 week period



Organic grass fed beef tallow

Organic coconut oil

Organic Olive oil

99% Pure Castor oil



Organic Peppermint essential oils.

And love, from the farm to you 🙂


This is a 100% natural product, no nasty chemicals

Weight approx 80 – 100 grams

If you would like to purchase more than 1 different item from my range of skin care/Tallow products please email 

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